Rosso del Palagio


Made from a blend of Sangiovese,Canaiolo Nero, Merlot and Lambrusco Maestri, Rosso del Palagio is the youngest wine we produce.

It is a supple red wine with a certain structure.

A fast fermation of 7 days gives a wine with soft tannins and intense fruity bouquet.

It can be drunk 6-8 months after the harvest but it is better to drink it within the first two years.

We suggest to use this wine with fresh cheese and salami.

Wine produced annually: 25,000 bottles

Serving temperature: 16-18 °C

Alcohol content: 12.5 degrees


Rosso del Palagio 2011 : Euro 6,50

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Sangiovese 80%

Canaiolo Nero 5%

Merlot 10%

Lambrusco Maestri 5%