San Barrendo

Chianti Classico 2010 d.o.c.g.



Vintage and Luxurious


San Barrendo is our vineyard’s finest brand.

This wine is made from our finest grapes and aged using our traditional techniques.

It is made with a blend of Sangiovese,Merlot, and Canaiolo.

The color is a bright ruby, the nose is intensely fruity with a hint of violet.

Pronounced but velvety tannins.

Using our traditional family techniques, the wine fermented and matured in oak barrels.

It is aged before it comes on the market.

This full-bodied wine is great to drink right away but gets better when aged.


Serving temperature 19-20° C


Sangiovese 80%


Canaiolo Nero5%


Merlot 10%